Jodie Power

Jodie-PowerJodie is a successful life coach, business woman and mother who is passionate about supporting and empowering youth as well as adults to tap into their full potential and to overcome challenges through inspired and focused mindset.

Ranked at national levels in four models of gymnastics, Jodie has had an amazing career well before most people have finished university. Jodie also managed gymnasiums with 500+ members and training coaches and professional competitors. She was a Gymnastics Coach for over 12 years with a special ability to inspire the best in your students to raise their self worth along with their skills and competition standard focus.

Jodie created programs for work for the dole youth programs and underprivileged youth using gymnastics and stunts as a vehicle to teach them discipline, structure, positive mindset and self belief, as well as creating the 12 weeks to confidence program that ran through PCYCs for children 5-14 as a physical movement and life coaching course.