Jodie Power

Jodie-PowerJodie is a successful life coach, business woman and mother who is passionate about supporting and empowering youth as well as adults to tap into their full potential and to overcome challenges through inspired and focused mindset.

Ranked at national levels in four models of...

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Mandy Harris

Mandy-HarrisMandy wins the prize for most full of love and it is her greatest gift.

A mother of three adventurous children and business owner of a children’s bamboo clothing company, Mandy is building the eQ foundation that serves and supports children in need all over...

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Peter Conna

Peter-ConnaPeter comes from a family of teachers, so it is no surprise that he naturally became one himself. He has a Masters in Adult Education along with a plethora of other qualifications and has been teaching and mentoring for over 14 years. A father...

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